Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 3SR.

April 2012


21 days until we open, and we have stone and wooden flooring downstairs alreadys and today bedroom carpets begin to be fitted!  Things are getting exciting here now.  If I get cold now, I just go and stand on the heated floor of one of the en-suites  :o) We have some really lovely and talented staff ready to start work too, can't wait.Did I say 21 days?  yikes...best get to it then! 

26 days to go...

Only 26 days to go now.... The building is really coming on now, at last it seems to all be coming together.  Soon the scaffolding will be taken down (I hope!) and that should make a difference.  I'm really sorry that it's still up for the Easter weekend, as we know it's an eyesore for our neighbours and visitors.  Our neighbours have been very supportive during this noisy and messy looking process, it mustn't have been too pleasant - but the end is in sight, thankfully.  Everybody's good wishes have been really appreciated too. Can't wait to meet you, reader of the blog! 

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