Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 3SR.

January 2012

Eating and Sample Menu

Gavin Swift, Head Chef at Aysgarth Falls Hotel

As well as our traditional pub bar, we have lots of room for eating. You can even book our private dining room, for small groups of 10 or 12. We also have outdoor terraces which are real suntraps. Our Chefs are skilled and eager to cook for you.

Still waiting...

Well, we are still waiting for the good people at the planning department.  Oh well, nobody is surprised at that, I guess!  But, hang on - something's happening... hurray!  Scaffolding is going up... and great excitement abounds because the roof repairs are about to begin.Well, it's a start - and we're hoping the builders will at last be able to start inside very soon.  Watch this space...

About us

We bought the Palmer Flatt Hotel in Aysgarth, in June 2010. After much deliberation, we changed the name to the Aysgarth Falls Hotel, a decision which has caused a little controversy. Our reasons were mainly because we needed a new start, in order that any negativity from before our time wouldn’t follow us, and hamper our attempts to re-open and actually stay open.

The new name makes sense because our land actually does run down to Aysgarth Falls, as simple as that. However, the whole area here is called Palmer Flatt, so we still retain it in our postal address.

In January

Smoke was billowing out of the building from all nooks and crannies, two fire engines with lights flashing were outside, over twenty firefighters were rushing in and out of the building wearing breathing apparatus, and the nearby villages were talking about the 'blaze'.    But, it wasn't a big fire, in fact it wasn't a fire at all!   It was the firefighters from Hawes and Leyburn do ing a bit of breathing apparatus training!  Rescueing poor and stranded dummies from our bedrooms!

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